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Fertility Acupuncture

by Ivy Eff

Acupuncture for fertility has become increasingly popular as a way to improve IVF success rates

Improve your IVF success rate with the ancient practice of acupuncture for fertility.

The practice of acupuncture goes back to the Stone Age when ancient Chinese would use sharp sticks and knives to alleviate pain in the body. Today practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have such an in-depth understanding of the body as a whole that only the thinnest, tiniest of needles are required to make a dramatic difference in fertility. It is renowned for lowering FSH to normal levels, balancing hormones, reducing stress (which protects egg development), even providing a welcome relief from the anxiety that often accompanies the IVF process. Most practitioners agree that receiving acupuncture treatment once a week for at least three months prior to your cycle is a good rule of thumb.

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