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This site is about giving you HOPE

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by Ivy Eff

You’ve been through a lot. If you’re considering IVF — either for the first time or a subsequent round — you’ve been through some anguish. Whatever fertility treatments you’ve tried haven’t worked yet, and you sometimes wonder if anything ever will.

I know. Because I’ve been there myself.

There are a lot of people who’ll tell you that your age, your diminished ovarian reserve, your PCOS, your endometriosis, etc, etc mean it may just not work out for you. That maybe you should adopt or use donor eggs or find a surrogate.

I’ve heard it too. And, sure, those are always options for down the road.

But I’m not giving up on you yet. Because there are so many (SO MANY!!) things you can do to help boost your fertility, from supplements and diet to acupuncture and yoga — even hypnosis or visualization. The truth is, there is still a ton about fertility that much of medical science doesn’t even understand yet. They are all still exploring themselves.

So while doctors may have some answers, even they will admit that they don’t have them all.

That’s why, as someone who so desperately wants a baby that you’ve already put yourself through a lot — and you’re still ready to sign up for more — it’s definitely worth exploring whatever else could help your fertility.

On this site, I’m trying to compile as much research as I can about everything that could possibly help nudge your next IVF toward success.

So sit back and explore the site. And check back as more is always being added. Because if this site helps even one woman struggling with fertility to have a baby, it will be well worth it.

Especially if that baby is yours.




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