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IVF Success Rates

by Ivy Eff

Choose the right fertility clinic based on IVF success

Choose the right IVF clinic for you based on their success rates for your age group.

It’s no secret that IVF is an expensive process. That’s why it’s so important to choose a clinic that has a proven track record for success in your age group. Every fertility doctor wants you to be filled with hope about the possibilities. Fortunately, the hard numbers behind it all are available to view. Below are links to statistics pulled directly from the CDC to help you make the best decision — and the wisest investment.

Legally, IVF clinics are required to report their success rates. This information is published at the and through As you review the reported IVF success rates, one of the most important figures to look for on the results page is the “live birth rate.” For women under 35, the live birth rate at top IVF clinics should be at least 50%. For women over 40, that rate should be 25-30%.

Keep in mind, however, that some clinics are able to inflate their IVF success rates by being highly selective with their clientele. They take only the cases that seem most likely to succeed and turn away vast numbers of those more complicated. As a result, it can be misleading to compare IVF success rates across multiple clinics if those clinics have very different approaches to allowing patients into their program. The only thing close to an accurate measurement across all clinics is the donor egg live birth rate. It should be very, very high.

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