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IVF Success Rates Age 40+ (CDC 2010)

For women over 40, choosing an IVF clinic takes a little more effort. That’s because due to age, test results or other conditions, some clinics simply won’t even consider you unless you plan to use donor eggs. Others are happy to allow you into their IVF program but they may not try anything different than they’d try for a younger patient. Other clinics, however, tend to stand out in how they handle women over 40 — and they’ve got the IVF success rates to show for it.

It’s already been said that, for women over 40, a clinic’s live birth rate should be 25-30%. And that’s an excellent rule of thumb. But it can also be encouraging to see that a clinic handles a relatively large population over 40, not just a handful. Then, not only are they gaining a lot of experience with these slightly older patients and the factors that affect their IVF success, but there is probably some positive word of mouth driving this demographic to their doorstep as well.

All of that said, the clinics below seem to show some particularly positive IVF success rates for women over 40. While most here do not reach the 25-30% benchmark, it may be helpful to know which ones in your area have better results for women over 40 than others.

The following are the best results in several states from the 2010 CDC IVF success rate reports for age 41-44. The clinics are grouped by state. The first number is live birth rate for age 41-42. The second is for age 43-44. Clinics are listed in order of best results for the 41-42 group.

See them listed in order of best results for the 43-44 group.

Results of 20% or more are in bold.






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