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i) Evaluate the Location of the IVF Center You Choose

by Ivy Eff

The location of your IVF center matters more than you may think. During a 2-3 week period prior to and just after your egg retrieval, you will likely need to be monitored daily or almost daily. It’s a short appointment — just an ultrasound — but you need to be there for it. So be very sure that your clinic location is one you would be able to visit frequently during those few weeks.

Some people travel to another city for an IVF cycle. The length of time varies but most clinics will require you to be in town during those 2-3 weeks. If your job or family obligations will make this difficult, a closer clinic may be your only option. On the other hand, traveling for IVF may be easier than you think. Some clinics may help you coordinate everything from hotels to babysitters to sightseeing recommendations.

You should also make sure you know where all the services are performed. Don’t assume every procedure will take place at the location of the practice. Some may have an operating room and lab on site; others may not. And while some services will not require your presence (e.g. ICSI, PGD, etc), it’s important to know where they will take place. In rare cases, if some services happen offsite, inclement weather or other issues may have a small chance of affecting your cycle.

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