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c) How to Find an IVF Doctor

by Ivy Eff

The most common — and probably most effective — way to find a reproductive endocrinologist is to simply ask around. Find out who you know who may have had fertility treatment —or who might know someone who has. While many people consider their fertility issues private, most are often willing to share their fertility treatment experiences if it will help those who are pursuing it themselves.

Sometimes your OB/GYN can suggest a reproductive endocrinologist as well. But keep in mind that doctor recommendations from other doctors are sometimes based only on a social relationship or professional affiliation and not on experience as a patient.

Internet discussion boards can be useful if you can find a conversation about fertility doctors in your local area. Some patient organizations include:

Another option is to get referrals from a national medical society. For a list of names of reproductive endocrinologists in your area, contact:

Keep in mind that no matter where you get names or recommendations for a reproductive endocrinologists, you’re still only getting part of the story. Even a great experience that someone else had with a particular doctor doesn’t guarantee that the same for you.

That’s why, once you get a handful of names, the next step is to do your homework and check out the doctors’ background.

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