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l) How to Manage the IVF Process Once You Begin It

by Ivy Eff

If you’ll be pursuing the IVF journey with a husband or partner, make sure he or she is present at your consultation. One, it’s important to get a complete medical history from both the man and the woman. Two, the IVF experience can be stressful so it’s important to stay connected throughout your journey.

As you proceed, make sure you check in regularly with each other. It’s important to ensure that you are both comfortable with the process so far and that you feel you’re getting the attention you need from your doctor and the rest of the staff.

If at any time you feel uneasy with the process or the treatment you are receiving, it’s important to discuss the situation with each other. Together, it will be easier to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Continue to educate yourself and seek support. Any fertility treatment is emotional but the IVF process can be especially stressful in this regard. It’s a good idea to connect online with others going through IVF as well. You could contact RESOLVE, an organization devoted to helping people with infertility. Alternatively, there are many online discussion boards you could join.

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