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IVF Vitamins & Supplements

by Ivy Eff

Supplements like royal jelly bee pollan and honey can help improve the success of your IVF cycle

IVF outcomes can be greatly improved with various vitamins, minerals and other supplements — including royal jelly, bee pollen and honey.

For centuries, honey has been believed to enhance fertility. In fact, the word “honeymoon” originated from the practice of newlyweds eating honey to help conceive during their first month of marriage. Today, along with honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis are also frequently included in the arsenal of supplements women undergoing IVF typically take.

But there are countless others: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, EFAs, and more. Some are intended to help generally; some target specific conditions, such a PCOS. Anecdotally, a large number of these nutritional supplements seem to hold some promise. Countless scientific studies also seem to support the use of many.

Here is a list of several vitamins and supplements that could potentially help improve fertility and IVF success rates:
















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